Powerful Why

My name is Carrie Jeffries and I am the founder and head redhead-in-charge at Bold & Sassy Solutions.  We are exactly what the name says.  I am a bold, strong-willed Christian woman entrepreneur with a ton of chutzpah and super straightforward. Yes, we are a rare breed that seems like a contradiction. All that soft, sweet, flowery, positive, rah-rah, koombaya crap just doesn't work for me. I have a HUGE heart and deeply care about people but just don't have the time or patience to hold hands and dole out a bunch of sweet b.s. that helps no one.


I was so sick of seeing people continually try and try and try new things week after week, running down the rabbit hole, being misled, fed a bunch of S.O.S. plain vanilla crap, working their booty off, running up the down escalator, being puffed up with insincere nonsense, ALL of which got them minimal to no results and a giant case of burnout.


Quite frankly, I got tired of people preaching authenticity and fearlessness and action-taking but not practicing a damn bit of it. Their mental head trash along with a constant need for 'political correctness' and tons of noise in the marketplace was getting in the way of their being real, taking action, getting sh&%# done and producing real, 'serious,' scalable results. Quite frankly, it pissed me off and broke my heart to watch them "give up " on themselves and their dreams.


Being an entrepreneur is serious, demanding, competitive and unforgiving business. It is NOT for the faint of heart or the lazy who want the easy road. But, it's also the most exhilarating, exciting, fun, fulfilling and rewarding thing you'll ever do.


At Bold & Sassy, we are bold, often brash, sometimes impatient and always very real. We don't accept excuses, stories or other nonsense from ourselves or anyone else. Results are ALWAYS the dish of the day. Faithfulness, Integrity, Loyalty, Personal Responsibility, Courageousness and Radical Generosity are our true north. Action, Focus, Resourcefulness, Tenacity and Hustle (the right kind) are always in style.


If you're offended by the occasional mention of God, or by the occasional off-color word, this is not the place for you  [however, vulgarity and hatefulness are never acceptable.]


We help struggling entrepreneurs find their own voice, get out of their own way, play their own game, make sh%&# happen and get serious results.


We restore hope, inspire action and save dreams, one business at a time.


What will you do today to make your dream a reality?


Stop dancing around and make a decision already - time's a wasting!

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