Founder's Story

From the moment I discovered business as a kid selling door to door, creating my own products to sell, I was drawn to the edgy, creative and persuasive side of communication, sales and marketing.  This was coupled with an insatiable desire to learn what drives people, what makes them do what they do and how to affect real change.  Now I eat, live, breath, sleep and dream about business, marketing, communication and peak performance every day.


When I grew up, I couldn't decide what I wanted to be because I loved so many things and was incredibly adventurous. I tried following the regular, logical path - go to school, get a good job you don't hate too much, work 'til your 65 and tapped out, then retire and maybe live a little. NOPE!


The contrarian in me, just refused to play like the nice little girl. I got bored easily, loved the hustle and deeply desired to figure out who I was, how I fit and what was I put here to do. Having a huge case of wanderlust and unwillingness to settle for a life of quiet desperation, I tried out nearly 100+ jobs throughout my early life - often three or more at the same time. Because after all, I AM an overachiever. LOL.


Never really fitting in to the corporate life or other places it seemed, I long felt lost, inadequate and frustrated I would never figure things out. Later, it became super clear, I had to make my own path, create my own rules and do life on my terms. I entrepreneur and did not know it, having never seen or interacted with any in my life to that point.


One thing I learned: Corporate America the life right out of you that is. So, I simply played my way, tried everything (well at least it felt like that), ruffled feathers, sold a lot of stuff, got paid to play and learned from every single company and every different experience. It created a deep love of voraciously researching current trends, competition, successes, failures, innovation, what drives people, how to affect change, what inspires and motivates and d@%# near everything marketing.


In 2005, I stumbled upon a beautiful, simple, lucrative little idea.  So I ran with it and built out a thriving six-figure online retail empire spanning multiple marketplaces and ran the biz for ten years. But, it was def not all fairy tales, smooth sailing and lollipops. As with so many success stories, came some serious crushing defeats...


Twice, literally overnight, my business was pulled out from under me by some unscrupulous players in the marketplace. I was crushed, deflated and nearly hopeless at one point.  While in that dire place of desperation, adding insult to injury, I made one of the worst business decisions ever by hiring the wrong coach. It nearly cost me 'everything' including my pride, my confidence and my strong fighting spirit. I nearly gave up and went back to a soul-crushing job.


But, God put within me that kick-in-the-pants spirit, that fighter inside that hates quitting and defeat more than the pain of starting over or the pain of admitting my mistakes in the model I had created.  I had put all my eggs in a single basket...GIANT FOOLISH MISTAKE.  Now I had to rescue my own business and save my own a$*(@. So I did.


I pulled my head out of my own you know where, remembered the decade of personal development immersion I had put myself through and got to work, hard work.


First, I had to get over myself, my ego and wounded pride and kick the dust from my shoes (for my Christian girlfriends). I got hyper-focused, hyper-creative and hyper-resourceful, more than I'd ever been forward...within 90 days, business was flourishing again and bigger than before.

Now I have a deep passion for creative women entrepreneurs who are ready to level up and play bigger but find themselves overworked, frustrated, stuck and unsure how to grow their business to the next level. Secretly they often fear maybe they're not enough or even fear the huge responsibility of success - who are they really to do this big mission.  


Together we get your derrière into purposeful, "focused" action, simplify your processes and systems, boost your sales and more importantly your "profits."  We activate simple strategies that create crystal clarity, build fierce, unshakeable confidence, step out in bold courage and reignite your passion and mission. You become poised for serious growth and more importantly fall back in love with your business and your life.

I've sold products across a diversity of industries including media, personal services, advertising, recruiting, health & wellness, beauty and fashion and worked with an enormous variety of personalities. It gives me a unique ability to help you identify and embrace your genius, step into your brave, create a wildly profitable mission-driven business that massively impacts others and creates the life of your dreams.   


We utilize our exclusive our A.C.T.I.O.N. Framework to help identify gaps, fix leaks, increase profit and build growth-geared companies.


Bottomline: If you increase your profit, you increase your impact. If you increase your profit AND your impact,

You Leave a Lasting Legacy.

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